working at home as an RN

  1. I am presently working as a pediatric nurse in an office and planning to retire to a small town. I would like to work at home with benefits. I worked as a transcriptionist for 30 years, off and on, while children were growing up and then became an RN. I also took legal nursing classes. Now, I am tired of the hospital hours, which is why I am working in an office. Any ideas for at home work?
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  3. by   Tweety
    No idea. I wish you luck.
  4. by   yellowtulip2004
    I contract with a company, CHCS, out of Florida, and do in-home assessments for them (prn, of course). They work with insurance companies. You can also contact various companies privately and inquire who does their assessments for them. I will have another name for you soon, as I want to do more of this type of nursing in 2007.

    If you discover different companies, I'd love to know. Please private message me so we can keep in touch regarding the same goal.