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  1. When a friend asked me recently why I have decided to leave education after 17 years to go back to school to become a nurse, I gave him a quick answer--to make a difference. He pretty much balked at my reply, calling it 'clich', but at the time I wasn't in the mood for a long discussion about my career change. However, when I got home it made me stop and think... what difference have nurses made in my life? Unfortunately, I do not remember their names, and all I can offer is a heart-felt thank you, but here are just a few ways that nurses have touched my life and inspired me to do the same for others:

    Thank you...
    To the nurses in Delaware who taught the man how to care for his below-the-knee amputation. He was my father.

    To the nurses in a Virginia hospital who made the phone call to tell a family to come quickly because there isn't much time left. He was my grandfather.

    To the nurses in a Connecticut nursing home who showed respect and tenderness to an elderly woman until it was her time to go. She was my grandmother.

    To the nurses in New York who were not afraid to hold the hand of an AIDS patient as he lay dying from KS. He was my friend.

    To the nurses in Florida who teach patients about the side effects of chemotherapy and tell them they are still handsome when they lose all of their hair. Those patients are my step-father and step-brother.

    To the nurses in Ohio who comforted the man and his wife as they could do nothing but wait and watch their disfigured newborn die within a month of birth. That baby was my nephew.

    To the nurses in New Jersey who knew to step away and say nothing and just left a woman cry after her third miscarriage. She was my neighbor.

    To the nurses in Washington DC who made the young man laugh after he cursed at them for inserting an NG tube at 2am. That young man was me.

    To all nurses everywhere for the difference you make in the world. I can't wait to be one of you!
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  3. by   Tweety
    I love to hear how nurses inspire others to join the profession. Thanks for a lovely post and tribute to our profession and welcome!
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    Such a lovely post, thank you and welcome to the site
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    Thank you for such a thoughtful and clearly heartfelt post! Sometimes we forget that the things we do every day really do touch peoples' lives. Thanks for the reminder. It's an honor to be allowed to have a role in peoples' lives when they are vulnerable, and to be trusted and to make a difference. Your post just lifted the weariness of today right off my shoulders!
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    Thank you for your wonderful post. In nursing we do have those special moments in time where we make that special connection with our patients or their family members. I get an overwhelming feeling when that happens. I can't quite describe it, I just know when it happens. How lucky we are to be able to touch the lives of people when they are sick. What a gift it is for us to be able to take care of them. After 31 years of nursing, I really finally understand it now, more than ever.

    I am not a religious person but I am deeply spiritual. I do feel that nursing was the chosen profession for me and that I was directed toward this profession by the hand of my higher power. In college I had never thought of nursing. But then I talked to the college counselor (I had to declare a major) and he gave me a battery of tests to help me decide what I might be good at. Nursing went right to the top and when he told me that, I got this overwhelming feeling that nursing was the right career direction for me. So here I am , 31 years later, older, wiser and planning to work until I am 70. I can't imagine leaving this career that I love so much.