Why Can't I find a nursing Job?!

  1. Hello Everyone! I'm a newbie here on the site writing to you from Ohio. I graduated nursing(LPN) school in june of 2004, and passed my boards in Nov. of 2004. I couldn't find a job, and I just thought it was because of the holidays. Well, here it is, almost February, and I still have no luck. I am registered with Ohio unumployment, job and family services, and school career placement. I must have been on 1000 interviews, and been told i have no experience. If there is anyone who can help me......please do not hesitate to respond. Thanks!

    PS: I'm thinking of leaving the profession because I'm tired of getting rejected.
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  3. by   live4today
    welcome debbie!

    stay encouraged and keep searching...the right job for you will come along. one of my friends (also an lpn) was once in your situation, but she didn't give up. she worked as a cna prior to obtaining her lpn, so had no lpn experience either. it wasn't long before she landed a nice job working for a hospice agency.

    what part of ohio are you in?
  4. by   Debbie_LPN
    what part of ohio are you in?[/quote]

    i am in trumbull county ohio. too far to drive to cleveland and that is where all the jobs are....lol!

    i have been a cna since i was 16 in high school. i thought that would help, but now i'm not so sure...
  5. by   Ted
    Hello and welcome! Check out the Ohio Nursing Forum! You might find some answers to your questions there, hopefully!

    Good luck and best wishes!

  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Welcome to All Nurses
  7. by   Blackcat99
    Try the nursing homes. In my areas the nursing homes will hire anyone who is breathing. Good luck. They hire any new grad who applies at my nursing home.
  8. by   happthearts
    Black cat was right I worked as an CNA till I landed this job as director of services Have you tired a place called provident living You do not have to be Mormon to use the employment site.

    Also have you tried advertising your self in the local paper I did home-care for people and got calls coming out my ear.Just don't forget to take out your taxes and take your classes to keep your licence current.Each state runs diffrent on this.

    Another thing I would do is I would hit all the Non medical Home care agencys in your area telling them you could go and do there nursing assessments for them for a price We pay about 35 to 40 for each assessments You just go to the Patients home and take the history and vitals. What ever is needed .Each one of these companies needs that assessment for there Patients So they can meet there state requirements,for non medical home health

    Also one of the best books I ever read was the One minute sales person
    learned to sell my self in an interveiw Mostally about sales ,but it helps you to overcome objections in an interview.

    Good luck
  9. by   live4today
    Quote from Debbie_LPN
    I am in Trumbull county ohio. Too far to drive to cleveland and that is where all the jobs are....lol!

    I have been a CNA since i was 16 in high school. I thought that would help, but now I'm not so sure...
    I've never heard of that county, but I am familiar with Cleveland. Have you had any success yet?
  10. by   Antikigirl
    OH I am so sorry you are thinking of leaving! Understand, but sorry none the less.

    I too had a heck of a time finding a job..in fact, found my first one and would have rather taken off my eyelids with a dull rusty razor than stay...second job, 60+ hours a week salary and hubby had a heart attack and I had to go because he needed me and I couldn't work 60 hours a week and help him...third job..camp nursing at a outdoor school program..AWESOME, but took me away from my family basically for three months twice a year..didn't work (I still cry!), and now Assisted living and I HATE IT...but I need the paycheck badly!

    But..you know what...I learned to believe in myself and I stick to that like a bulldog does a tasty piece of meat on the bone! I don't give up hope that one, I have to take paths to learn modesty in my profession (I am rather energetic and sometimes head strong), two...there is a reason I am experiencing anything be it job in hand or loss of job..there is a lesson! And three...no matter what, what I have invested has taught me too much to ever go back...so best to move forward than backwards.

    I am capable of being crafty and smart about things...heck nursing school taught me that. I will hit times of good and bad...but the consistant thing I found, especially in RN school...I handled all of it!!!!! WOW~! (I am still suprised today!).

    Find your inner self...remember your reasons...keep the faith! Because no matter what...you can only be responsible for what you do...other things, well they can change in a wink...but you...yourself...that you have control over! Be true to you...don't over stress the outside! It will all work out if you remember...
  11. by   Cathie
    I'm glad to see so many nurses responding. I've been a nurse for 24 years (LPN/RN), and was a CNA before that. I've had the times of no job, had management jobs, and now am a travel nurse, and I love it. It gives me the ability to do the job I love to do, bedside nursing, and not worry about the hospital politics. There is such a nursing shortage, I find it amazing there are still nurses here than can't find jobs. As a travel nurse, you have one year experience, in Med/Surg, but that can be in a hospital or nursing home. Hang in there, and things will turn around.