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  1. Good morning.
    I am a new graduate of an A.A.S. R.N. program. I passed my boards a couple of weeks ago and got my license two days ago. YAYYYY!!! I'm a 45 year old mother of two great kids, a daughter and a son, both teenagers. I absolutely love my new job and know I did the right returning to school to change careers. I had been a waitress in fine dining restaurants for 25+ years.
    I was searching for scrubs and found a link to this site on google. I see there are a lot of great resources and learning tools and also much needed support. My biggest challenge in nursing so far is to having that level of empathy without getting too emotional. There is a lot of recovery, but also those moments when there is nothing that you can do but provide comfort. I know I can do this part, but trying to maintain that emotional distance is going to be my biggest challenge. I suppose this is one of my best attributes and why I wanted to be a nurse. Was this a concern for anyone else when they started out?
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    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I, too was your age when I was in school. There are days that I question if I made the right choice, but I have way more good days than bad.....I wish you the very best!
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    Hi Rainer - Welcome!!! I'm not an RN yet, but I'm start the Nursing Program this Fall (less than a week!!)) Anyways, I know what you mean about this site. I lurked for about 2 years gathering info while deciding to make a career change. This is a really great site where people give honest opinions and encouragment! Best of luck to you!!
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    Welcome to AllNurses.com, Rainer! Oh, and congratulations on passing your nursing boards!
    You know, I have been an RN for over 30 years and, when it is appropriate, I will shed a few tears with my patient or the family. I guess I would be concerned if you didn't show your humanity every once in a while
    Best of luck,
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    Ditto what Athena said! Good luck to you and welcome!
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    Thanks to everyone for the kind words and encouragement. My pt. last week was going for a BKA and my Dad is an amputee so I was able to share some words of support. This pts. situation really affected me and it wasn't until later that day that it occurred to me that I felt so emotional because I watched my Dad go through such a difficult time. Athena you are right, there are nurses out there that don't have enough empathy and they worry me. I am a recent hire to a step down unit next to the ICU. So far I really love it. I have never felt so satisfied about work. It's a great feeling.
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    Good luck to you Brown eyed girl, nursing school is tough. Remember to take good care of yourelf, lots of relaxation breathing.
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    Welcome to allnurses.com, and Congratulations on passing Boards.

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    Congrats! Welcome!