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  1. Hello all!

    I found this forum a few weeks ago and decided to quit lurking and introduce myself. I live in Florida, I'm 32 (33 in May, ack!), have been married 14 years, have 2 wonderful sons (9 and 11) and a cool step-son (18). I got married right out of high school and I've been a stay-at-home-mom all these years. Now that the kiddos are a bit older, I decided it's time to go back to school. WOW, my memory sure isn't what it used to be, and it's harder than ever to pull an all-nighter! I sure feel old going to my classes with all those young-uns!! But I am really enjoying it!

    I started in January working on my Pre-Nursing AA. Then it's on to my BSN. Eventually I plan to become a CRNA. How did I come to this decision, you ask?

    I never wanted to go into nursing, or into the medical field at all. Then several years ago, my older sister up and went to nursing school (at 30 yrs old, and married with 3 small kids) and got her RN. We were all very proud because she's the 1st person in our immediate family to go to college. She worked very hard, but loved every minute of it, and loves her job now as a home health nurse. Hearing her talk about school and her job inspired me to want to find my own career, which I was convinced was NOT nursing.

    Then 1 1/2 years ago I had to have a total hysterectomy. I'd had a laparoscopy a few years before that (I had stage IV endo), and was affected then by 2 people. No, neither of them was my doctor. They were 1.) my recovery nurse whom I absolutely fell in love with and wanted to take home with me! and 2.) the anesthetist. These 2 people made the procedure comfortable and bearable, and not just physically. They touched my life and I will never forget them. (Especially the recovery nurse. My DH and I remembered her and called back to tell her how much we appreciated her, and one day brought her homemade bread and a card.) The anesthetist was very gentle and comforting to me. I had recently gotten over pneumonia and pleurisy, and he was very careful assessing me, and I will never forget the way he watched over me as I drifted off. He was an older man, could have been my father. I remember him even reaching up and gently pulling my hair out of my eyes as he talked to me. His eyes were so kind. He spoke softly and really helped me relax.

    When I had the hysterectomy in October of 2003, I was terrified. I was at a different hospital (same doctor, though) that I wasn't familiar with. An actual anesthesiologist came in and started my IV, and though I don't remember the details as I was shaking with fright, I do remember that it was unusual for her to be doing that herself, and she explained to me why *she* was the one doing it. She put it in my hand and it was the most painful thing to happen to me in any hospital before or since! It hurt the entire time I was there (almost a week) and for months afterward. I still have a little knot there! I did complain, but no one seemed to think it was a big deal, I guess. Luckily I had it taken out the next day...

    Then, right before I was taken into surgery, the nurse anesthetist came to talk to me(well, to knock me out!). Her treatment of me escalated my view of CRNAs even more! She was also very gentle and soft-spoken. I was absolutely terrified, still shaking at this point. She did not rush things, but took the time to talk with me and calm my fears. She sat on the edge of my bed and gently stroked my hair as she talked to me. I think I asked her if she'd hold my hand, and I remember her hands were so warm and mine were so cold! She really was an angel. The last thing I remember is her asking me to look at the clock and tell her what time it was. I looked at it and thought, "Hmmm...I am *going* to remember what time it was when I looked at the clock!" (I didn't!)

    After the surgery, 2 nurses had a great impact on me. One because she was particularly AWESOME!! And one because she was particularly TERRIBLE!! The terrible one was just a mean person, I think. I tried not to take it personally. She was rough and cold. I think she hated her job. She made me feel horrible for asking for anything, or for help (and I am not a demanding person! I hate to impose on people!). I was always sad when her shift started and elated when it ended! At the time I chalked it up to her being overworked and having lots of other patients besides me to care for. But I later found out that I was on the labor & delivery floor (which I think was exceptionally cruel--putting a young woman having a hyst. on the same floor with babies and new moms!) and there were only 2 moms there and I was the only hyst patient! I was her only patient while I was there! There was another nurse for the moms. Urg...

    The awesome nurse made my hospital stay very pleasant! I made sure to tell her how wonderful she was and came back later to give her a thank-you basket full of goodies!

    So, these people inspired me to be a nurse. I wanted to be an RN like my sister, but the Jr College I'm going to has lost it's accreditation for the RN program, so it's been scrapped. There's not another program anywhere around here. But there IS a BSN program at the local University. When I went to talk to the program head, she gave me a book about all the different things nurses can do, and the CRNA section just jumped out at me. I am completely fascinated by it. I am more excited than ever that this is what I want to do with my life!

    I'll be over 40 when I'm done with school, but hey, I'll be 40 anyway, might as well have a degree and a career to go along with it, right?

    WOW! This got LONG! It's the first time I've actually thought it through and typed it all out. Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself. I will be so proud to be joining your ranks soon! You're an amazing group of people.

    Best wishes,
    JasmineTea (because there are 2 things I love about mornings...sitting on the back deck smelling my Jasmine while sipping a nice cuppa hot tea!)
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    Nice to see a real indepth introduction! Thank you for taking the time! Welcome to allnurses! :hatparty:

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    Nice to meet you! Welcome! Good luck in all you do!
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    Welcome and good luck. You are so right - 40 comes whether you are in school or not - tee hee hee!
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    Welcome !

    Lovely first post... we're going to enjoy hearing more from you. :Melody:

    Yep... 50 comes and goes, too.. whether you're in school or not.

    You can do it ! I did and I was nearly twenty years older than you when I started !

    Wish you the best !
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    It's so great that you've joined us! We need a few more passionate people in nursing.

    Look forward to reading your insights as you begin your journey!
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    Hi JasmineTea!!

    Welcome to the AllNurse family!!

    Wow, quite the story! Use that as your personal statement, and you're in like flint!!
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses!
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    Greetings. I enjoyed your "story". I just registered today as a newcomer to the All nurses family. I, like your sister, am a (private duty) home health nurse. I am into my 18th year as such. I have done overseas nursing at a mission hospital and some stateside hospital nursing (after first becoming a RN). I graduated from nursing in 1966!! I went into home health after having been out of nursing for a number of years while our children were small. Nursing is a great profession. Never give up your goal! God bless! Oh, yes, I am the 2nd born of identical twins..my sis trained in the same class as I, and nursed for years, but has had to give it up due to health problems.
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