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  1. I am an LPN educated via an ADN program in the mid '70's. I challengd the boards for LPN's. Oddly the questions I had the most difficulty with, were the ones which said report to charge nurse. LOL I trained as a charge nurse and missed several of those; (My mind was geared to being the charge nurse.)I worked for 27 yrs. then retired. Now I want to re-enter the work force, but my knowledge base is in my opinion lacking, and Nursing like any other field has evolved beyond some of my skill proficiency. How or where can I re-educate myself, preferably online. I live in Missouri and cannot find any offerings in "continuing education" SPECIFIC to LPN's, only RN's. Can anyone out there help????? Please and thank you. I am currently working as an In-Home visit nurse, but really want to learn more. I cannot afford much but will try to work something into my limited budget for some "refresher courses". (work part-time only)
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    Ok I am confused you actually have an assoc. degree? Now you could you could be an RN with ADN not an LPN. I know of a laddertrack program for LPN to RN ADN. They have several online courses such as Nursing Process, dosage calc, nutrition,