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Hi, I hope to get some advice. I have never posted on here before, only visit the site daily for information. I am a 22 year old who is on a two year waiting list to get into nursing school in BC,... Read More

  1. by   kar212
    Hi there! I'm sorry you're in such a dilemma. You do have a very tiny person inside of you and I think that is very exciting! Nursing school doesn't even start for another two years, so that won't be an issue for quite a while. If an abortion goes against your beliefs, don't do it! Love that little baby inside you.
    I wish you the best.
  2. by   dansamy
    How about adoption? If you guys aren't in a place in life that adding a child is a good idea, then adoption is the most loving choice to make.
  3. by   shel_wny
    What better way to help your future L&D skills than to experience labor and delivery for your very own self. Not only will the birth of your child (if you do have it) likely make you a better person, it will make you a better nurse. How cool is that!? Talk about an advantage, eh.
    Again, I would like to reinforce that your choice to not have or to have this child is YOUR decision. Do what you feel is right in your heart. If you follow your heart you will have no regrets.

  4. by   Yvonne RN-2004
    I know many people who survived nursing school pregnant and or with newborns. It can be done it just is a little harder. If you have a strong support system you can get through anything. Good luck.
  5. by   PCGrad06
    [font=lucida sans unicode]cutecat, i too feel everything happens for a reason. my husband and i had our son when we had no money. our son is the reason for our choices in life. my husband went to college and graduated in 2000 when our son was in kindergarten. he got his law enforcement degree. now it is my turn to go to college. however, i feel our son was the reason for us wanting more out of life. so think of it as an unexpected learning experince. when you are working l&d and she tells you she feels this or that you will be able to relate! however you choose to look at it one thing is clear: it is a bundle of love from god above.
    [font=lucida sans unicode]congrats is in order!!!
    :hatparty: :hatparty:
  6. by   lady_jezebel
    it sounds like you want to keep this child. You can do this! There were several new moms in my program, and it's not unusual to be pregnant while in nursing school. I currently work with two single moms, each who was pregnant and then had their babies while in school. From both I gather that it was EXTREMELY TOUGH but VERY WORTH IT! You should see the pride and joy on their faces when they talk about their kids. Nursing affords you the opportunity to be a single mom, for the pay & benefits are adequate.

    And you're in Canada, aren't you? Your social system will support having the kid and may help you return to school. You can do it! Find the support system you need if it doesn't exist within your family.
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  7. by   jemb
    What does your boyfriend think? Is he willing to make the long term financial and emotional commitment to raise the child with you? (If you said in your original post, I guess I missed it.)

    If the two of you have the financial ability and the desire to raise a child right now, it wouldn't be a dilemma for you.

    Adoption is always an alternative.
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    To the OP: you do what's right for you, don't let anyone else convince you that their opinion is the best choice for YOU.