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  1. Hey there, everyone. I'm brand new to nursing, only 18 since august 12th. I've just recently got my acceptance letter from my local nursing school (Yay) and i'll start this october! So, just thought i'd drop in and say hey to everyone. I'm still new to most things nursing, but heres hoping my age doesnt hold me back with my career and all.. I have a good plan, at least I beleive I do, as to what i'll be doing as a nurse. After completeing my LPN course i'll be going straight back to get my RN, after working for about three years (In the operating room, if i'm lucky) i'll head back to school to get my Anethetist degree. Hope everything works out for me! It seems like a well paying and nice career to follow.

    What really got me to take nursing seriously as something to be was when I had a back surgury due to scoloisis(Spelling probably wrong, I had a S curve in my spine), while I was laid up in the hospital with my shiney new spine rods in my back I got to talking to a male RN who was taking care of me. I never knew nurses really made much money or had any advancment options, so this was a pretty cool subject to come up on. I've always wanted to be a doctor but i'm not really from a wealthy family that has eight years to just let me hang out with them. So.. This is what put me on the track! I still have some thoughts of being a doctor, after I get my RN but.. Nursing just seems better. I can leave my work at the hospital and get paid great with lots of free time. I think i'm making the right choice in life.

    Annnd now i'll stop being such a windbag, so.. Hi!
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    Hi! I'm glad to hear a nurse influenced you in such a positive way! Welcome to Allnurses and good luck to you!
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    Hi & welcome to Allnurses!!!
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    Hello :groupwelcome:
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    welcome to! nice to have you with us. hope you enjoy the site.