UKand USA nurse.... new here.... hello.

  1. Hi.
    Thought I would introduce myself.... I am at present a stay at home mom. I qualified as an enrolled nurse in the UK in 1982 and worked till 1997 when I moved to USA. I stayed at home as hubby was the one with the work visa... I went nuts through boredom and then found a nursing couse here for LVN license.. I finished that last yr... but still can't work.
    Immigration in their wisdom made a mistake in our visa renewal and are taking so long to repply to the appeal looks like we are coming back to the UK next month.....

    Anyway.... I now have experience in both countries and can start work in the UK on my return which will be great....

    So glad I found this forum. I have been reading a lot of the posts and it has been very helpful.....

    Oh and I have a wicked sense of humor....... :chuckle
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