Two Interviews coming up! HELP.

  1. Thank you in advance for everyones help and advice.

    I have two interviews coming up next week at two different hospitals one is the day after the other. Very excited and nervous at the same time! I'm a new grad and I have been out of school for well over a year because I was taking care of my father who was battling cancer and needed a caretaker, after several years of fighting he passed last spring. In order to take care of him I postponed starting my career.

    Little background. I have two very good friends at each of these hospitals that worked hard to help me get an interview. The first hospital I applied to took over a month to call me and get me an interview. So assuming I wasn't going to get an interview at that hospital (hospital 1) I appied to another hospital (hospital 2). Well within two days I got an interview for hospital 2 first then hospital 1 called and I got an interview there too. Next week its hospital 2 first then hospital 1 the following day.

    I want to take the job with the most thorough orientation and the best educational programs (which is probably hospital 1). I want to uphold and respect both of my friends reputations, that helped me get an interview. I'm going to go to both interviews.

    From what my one friend has said I probably for sure will get the job at hospital 2 and may get offered a job on the spot.

    1) What if hospital 2 offers me the job on the spot? What should I reply because I would like to interview at hospital 1 as well (maybe a better orientation process)?

    2) If I am offered a position on the spot would they retract the offer if I admitted I had another interview?

    Remember I want to keep both of my friends reputation in good standing.
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  3. by   Damien84
    Anybody have any advice?

    I was just going to tell the truth and explain the situation. If they retract the offer because of it they might not be a place that I would like to work at.
  4. by   Genista
    If you get an offer, I would say you are interested but have another interview pending the next day. Ask if you can get back to them by X date. Good luck!
  5. by   HARLEYDNS
    In todays market it seems that no one gets offered the job the same day anymore. Takes weeks, once you get past the HR person (interview), then you get interviewed by the floor manager, then in a week or two or longer HR may get back to you with the offer. Hope that helps. Don't hold your breath, there's lots of job seekers out there. Keep positive and Good luck!