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  1. by   soingal
    I just thought of something else. I think the math courses (anywhere I go) will require learning algebra, which I've never taken. Yikes! Help! Anyone know of some good online resources for grasping it before the "Final Hour?!" My first college course will be like an Orientation class, so the dreaded Algebra monster isn't going to bite me that quickly...
  2. by   soingal
    Hello again.

    Well, folks, it looks like I may have to forego Brown Mackie College in Cincinnati and pursue Ivy Tech State College somewhere around where I live. I was supposed to see the financial aid dept. @ B.M. this past Saturday but had to postpone it due to my van being "put in time out."

    The admissions rep [finally] admitted on the phone earlier that I most likely would not be able to receive 100% full paid coverage by Pell grant alone, and this degree program costs over $18,000.00, which I deem expensive.

    They charge $189 a credit hour, with 96 credit hours needed, while Ivy Tech charges $83.95 a credit hour, and I don't know how many credit hours are required.

    Since discovering this, I know that I cannot start Ivy Tech until January 8, 2007. Brown Mackie's curriculum offered one course a month, and I probably won't find this anywhere else, which means that I'll most likely feel overwhelmed. I am good in English, know basic Math but not Algebra, would probably love Anatomy and Medical Transcription, have not had Biology or Chemistry, and have not had some of the other classes in high school, yadda yadda.

    Would you say that nearly $19,000 is way too much for a medical assisting program anyway? The hours would've been great, though: 9-12 Monday thru Thursday.

    We're having family issues along with this, and we don't have too much extra money left over from my spouse's unemployment check to pay for my fuel to drive back and forth, as well as over $40 a week in childcare.

    This is very frustrating and disheartening for me, and I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I cannot get started right away.

    Thanks for listening,


    P.S. I think I fixed the problem with spacing in my posts. I was using Firefox's browser instead of IE. Go figure...:uhoh21:
  3. by   soingal
    Well, I am still checking things out. I am going to what's known as a medical and dental "technology school" tomorrow morning to talk to an admissions rep. I feel like I'm "lowering my standards" by doing this because it's not an Associate Degree program but just a certificate. The program is a 6-month long course if a student takes the course either in the mornings or afternoons. If it's evenings, it's 9 months in duration.

    It's considerably cheaper, though: around $7,000.00. I don't know what final decision I will end up making, but I've been trying to network as much as possible with people to get their opinions on this.

    Most people around here that I talk to seem to think it would be in my better interests to obtain an Associate Degree rather than go thru a program that only offers a certificate.

    I kind of feel that I would be lacking in "covering all of the bases" if I don't go the longer route to get that degree...:uhoh21:

    Any thoughts and opinions on this would be sincerely appreciated!:wink2:

  4. by   BoomerRN
    The community colleges that are around here (VA) have Medical Assistant degree programs and they are much cheaper than what your are quoting. Have you checked to see if you have a community college nearby? They also may have a financial assistance program.
  5. by   soingal
    hello again.

    well, it looks like i'm not going to pursue brown mackie college in cincinnati. for one, ivy tech state college (in indiana) informed me at my meeting w/them yesterday that brown mackie isn't fully accredited and that my credits won't mean anything...

    anyway, i completed the financial aid form (again) and need to mail it, as the college doesn't process it there. i was told that it will go to the dept. of education for review, and an answer can take up to three weeks. the next semester starts january 8. if at all possible, i may be granted something known as a "special circumstance" type of financial aid. my spouse is still in his truck driving school and doens't know what he's going to do once it's completed and he has underwent his physical driving test (that's coming up in a couple of weeks).

    meanwhile, i was at a large hospital in cincinnati yesterday and found my way to the human resources dept. i had previously submitted an online application/resume but hadn't gotten any response from them. i had also sent a letter of inquiry, if you will, recently, directly to the human resources dept. @ this hospital, but, again, no response.

    i did fill out an actual paper application yesterday. i was told (redundant, i know:uhoh21: ) that "all i can do is date-stamp this, and, if a recruiter is interested, they'll contact you/or forward it to the manager...blah blah"

    i went out into the hallway to look at the job postings that were encased in a glass-enclosed area. now, one thing i will tell you that i found interesting in all of this is that this hospital doesn't list the wage for the job(s) on their homepage but instead will list it on the postings out in the hallway.

    much to my disappointment, i discovered that a lot of the jobs that i'm interested in don't pay too well. if i lived in the area, it wouldn't be too bad of a deal, but i live 60 miles away one way...:uhoh21:

    i'm also in the process of "casting my net out there" again because i've spotted job openings listed on and some state that they "will train the right person." i am going to send my resume and see what happens.

    my main goal is to start college asap, and, once that is in place, then i will, of course, be committed to it. however, if an employer is interested now, then that would have to take precedence over the other stuff. sounds like i'm a wee bit indecisive, doesn't it? lol

    i called the admissions rep @ brown mackie earlier and broke the news to him that it's not going to be a "go" at this time. he already had that figured out. lol i didn't get into any debates about the college being/not being 100% accredited, though. the course for medical assisting costs over $18,000.00, and i can only get [limited] pell grant money...


    p.s. i went to a healthcare facility yesterday (like a convalescent center) and was told that they don't offer cna classes there but that i might want to check at the hospital in that town (they sent a rejection letter recently for a job that i had applied to) or check out another ltc facility. if a person has to fork over the $$ themselves, it costs over $300, which i do not have. oh, well. will be interesting to see what happens, won't it?! lol
  6. by   soingal
    hello again!

    i just wanted to drop a few lines to say that i'm on the verge of pursuing an actual nursing career (lpn or rn) as opposed to working as a medical assistant. i really think that medical assisting is a wonderful career, but the pay isn't as great "around these parts," and one of the main inspirations for 'changing' my plans is the reading of the sticky thread "what's your story? why did you want to become a nurse?"

    i became rather emotional after reading more posts on that specific thread, and i'd like to take a crack at working towards becoming an actual nurse.

    i am dealing with ivy tech in se indiana, btw, and one of the gals in student affairs spoke w/me on the phone earlier. she mentioned that i'd have to deal with
    pre-requisites, yadda yadda. i'm aware of that (i'm a researcher by nature! ), and i've even went so far as to purchase an algebra book from an seller. i've never taken algebra, biology, chemistry, or anatomy, but i think i'd really love anatomy, i'm nervous about algebra, and i'll just have to see if i am intellectual enough to master this stuff! lol

    that's another concern: the book smarts in all of this. i consider myself a smart person, but i didn't apply myself very well while in school. since i'm older, more mature, have had some life experiences under my belt, yadda yadda, i feel like i'm ready to take this leap of faith and see where it leads me.

    take care!