Transition from US Navy to Pre-Nursing Student!

  1. I just joined today. My name is Jennifer and I am a pre-nursing student who is trying to finish her pre-reqs at Southwestern College. I am trying to find out which college is the best for me. I am in the San Diego area and looking at SDSU, Maric, and Southwestern's Nursing Program. I am currently active duty Navy serving on the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier homeported on Coronado Island. I I have exactly 11 mos left in the service having already served 4 years. I am 23 and have wanted to become a nurse since I was young. My mother is a nurse and she is the best person I know, shes my hero. Its really great to find a forum like this to meet people and also get some advice on this new career and lifelong dream I am finally embarking on! Any advice on the schools I listed or any other schools you think are great would really help! Thanks for welcoming me!
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