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  1. Hello everyone! I'm an RN from the Philippines who wish to work in the US. Currently, I'm taking an NCLEX-RN review and our review resources here are not enough. I've read some of the topics posted and all the information has helped me a lot! It's a wonderful world we are in, don't you agree? I'm so glad to be here and hope to share my experiences too. I'm looking forward to learning with you all!!! sincerely, savvyla
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  3. by   suzy253
    hiya. welcome aboard!
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    Hello suzy253,

    I'm impressed! You're the only person who welcomed me... Thanks so much! Anyway, I'm looking forward to learning with you regarding our profession. So, you're from New England. How's the practice there? Hope to hear from you again!
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    hiya. welcome aboard!
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    Welcome to from sunny Bangkok!
    What type of review course are you taking? Have you taken your English exams yet? Did you apply to a state board of nursing for permission to take NCLEX? Which state do you plan on working in? Have you submitted your documents for Visa Screen?