Thinking of Pursuing Nursing

  1. I am so glad I found this site and read all your highs and lows on nursing.

    I just applied to two nursing schools and will wait to hear if I am accepted, I am currently in Graduate school, pursing my MBA but I am torn lately because I don't know if I want to purse Nursing.

    Sometimes I want to be in a hospital helping and organizing and other times I don' t think I have the strong heart to see sick people....

    I once worked as the TV person in the hospital and I got fired because I couldn't charge the patients $7.00 a day because I felt they should enjoy their TV.....

    More about me, I am 25 and work in NYC, in an office.....just pushing paper basically.....

    I am engaged and hope to have children in a few years (the picture in my profile is my dear nephew)and don't know if nursing will take time away from my new family???

    What are your thoughts? I appreciate them greatly!
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