Thinking about going into nursing-need lots of advice!!

  1. Hi my name is Jennie and I 25 and going to school for elemetary ed. I love kids, and I have been working in the childcare field of eight years. I have been going to school on and off since I graduated high school, and I am very frustrated! I did really bad this past semester and I think part of it is because I am uncertain as to if I want to continue to go into teaching or go into nursing instead. My interest in nursing began about a year and a hlaf ago. I think a lot of it has also been fueled by the fact that my fiance has crohns disease. We have spent many "dates" in the hospital so I have got to see a lot of nurses in action. I am also very frustrated by the fact that I am 25 and I have no degree of any kind, while a lot of my friends have been out of school for over five years. I am a little burned out by school right now and I wonder if it is also because I can't make up my mind about my career choice.

    Family is important to me and I know as a teacher I will have a ton of time off and time for my family. I know that most nurses work three days a week for twelve hours and have the rest of the week off. Do any of you nurses feel that you have enough time for your family and kids or do you feel that you don't have enough time?

    Tomorrow I will start the winter semester and I am registered for three classes-two education classes and math. I am wondering if I should keep my math class and drop the other two until I know what I want to do, or just stick with it? I do have a lot of bills I am trying to pay off and it's hard to make a decent paycheck only working 20-25 hours a week at a daycare.

    I would really appreciate any advice that would help me make a decision. Thanks so much for your time! PS-fiance is thinking of going into nursing to.
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    Good luck. This is the "Introductions Forum" where you might not get many responses. So feel free to ask questions in the general nursing forum, such as your question about family and free time with kids. Many nurses want the four days off to spend with family and that works better. Others like getting home at 3pm to be with their kids after school and having the long evening together for homework and find getting off at 7pm (which stretches sometimes to 8p) is just too hard.

    Good luck and welcome.