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  1. Hey this is stefie. I have been to this site several times before and finally decided to become a member. I attend the University of Miami and just finished up all my prerequisites and will start nursing school in the fall 2005. I am more than excited about my future but extremely apprehensive about the dreaded NCLEX. :stone
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    Hi Stefie...welcome to allnurses and please visit our very active student nurse forums!
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    Hello and Welcome!
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    Welcome & good luck!!
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    Hello, welcome! :hatparty:
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    Hi Stefie,

    Welcome to the site. I was accepted to the University of Miami for the BSN Nursing program. I am a transfer student coming from Los Angeles. What do you think about the school? Do you stay on campus or off campus? Is there anything that you would recommend about staying on or off campus? What have you heard about the traditional nursing program?