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  1. hi everyone, i am starting my 6th and final qrt this winter. i will graduate with an R. N. certification. it has been a long hard road. i'm 51 and a newcomer to the world of caregiving. i am trying to find the best tools to study for the boards. i would be grateful for any pointers on the boards or just getting started in this new career. thanks, salliejo.
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    Hey Salliejo Congrats!!! Good for you. During fourth semester (final semester) I just went to my local Barnes and Noble and purchased the NCLEX review book and went over and over bunches of questions in it. Also if your program had any type of workbooks, computer practice tests, etc. utilize them. Lots of prayer and positive thoughts and you will do just fine. Good luck!
  4. by   salliejo
    thanks for your reply sunny. has anyone heard or know anything about peter morrison's webpage he claims he has the best tools for studying for the boards. money back if not satisfied. 39.95. check out his site, see what you think. i would love some feedback?
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    Congrats! Good luck to you.
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    Welcome to these forums!
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    please check out our nclex discussion forum which can be accessed via the link below. you're in the home stretch now!

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    :melody:[font=impact] welcome aboard and congratulations on your last quarter of nursing school
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    Just get the NCLEX RN book and study in the front on how questions are written. If you understand how they write the questions they won't "throw" you off when you read them. Also, know, know know know Malov's heirarchy of needs as most questions answers are based on this.
    Good luck.

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