Thanks for letting me listen

  1. I feel as if I just stepped into a party, where everyone is chatting, laughing, swapping stories or just enjoying the company. You nurses have a lot going on!

    The closest I have gotten to becoming a nurse is a BS in Biology, and from there I raised four children and started two healthcare companies. I've come to the AllNurses party with the hope of learning more about you, your lives and your desires to make a difference. As you can tell by my screen name, I'm all about improving patient care by promoting better communications. I can't think of a better place to start, than here.

    Thanks for letting me listen,
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    Hi HelpChangeHealthcare,

    I am a nursing student that is preparing to graduate in May. I have a BS in Biology and 5 years of healthcare experience. I have seen a lot. I am Very interested in pioneering a change, participating in a change, promoting a change in regards to how patients and nurses are being "valued". I am interested in knowing your ideas for creating a change as well as share my ideas, goals, and hopeful outcomes.

    Amongst My Thoughts,
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    welcome and kewl
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    Jump right in and join the party!!!!

    :hatparty: :groupwelcome:
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    Hi're my first reply to a thread ever (I'm new at this) I'm trying to start a web service for patients where nurses recommend doctors. I believe that nurses should be both the patient advocate and the physician's ambassador. By setting up this relationship, my hope is that doctors will see their nursing staff as the team that makes the practice shine, and give nurses the respect they deserve.

    You've been in the system now for 5 years. Do you see much mutual support and appreciation between nurses and doctors?
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    Good luck to you. I hope you find the site helpful.
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    We are glad you decided to come to the party!!