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  1. HI there! I'm a telemetry nurse somewhat new to nursing, joined this site because lately I've been feeling like I need the support of others who can relate. I'm finding my first year as an RN to be quite overwhelming, stressful, at times rewarding and fun too.

    Unfortunetely, lately I've been feeling burnt out, and have been thinking to myself, "Is this really what I worked my butt off in school for and couldn't wait to become!?".

    I work on a very busy telemetry floor, I'm at the end of my orientation. I'm taking about six patients now, and its just crazy! I find that the nursing assistants where are work, for the most part, don't pull their weight. So here I have 4-6 critical patients and I'm cleaning pt's, changing sheets, empyting urinals left and right and other various things that keep me from being able to get my documentation done on time, and keep up with the pace. I have confronted a couple of "NA's" and asked them to help out and also have told them, if they ever need help, to just ask me and I we can work as a team. Usually I find the person on the defense, and it really doesn't get anywhere.

    This floor is so hectic, and I find assistance from the NA's to be a problem, that I fear I'm jeopardizing my license because I can't "keep up" My preceptor tells me I'mdoing great and also the floor manager. I love nursing and taking care of pt's, but without everyone working together as a team, it can be very hard, if not impossible.

    This is actually my second job. I was on a med-surg floor for about 6 months. I left because I was working nights and b/c of my son needed a day position. I was taking care of anywehre from 7-9 patients at this particular hospital, and was also in fear of losing my license.

    So far, I feel very discouraged about my career as an RN and have even had thoughts of leaving the profession altogether, or maybe finding work in a doctors office. Which I don't really want to do, because its not going to give me the experience I need in the beginning, and also may not challenge me the way I need also.

    I appreciate any advice anyone can give to me at this critical point in my early career. I DO WANT to make this work, and I do want to be a nurse and LOVE, IF NOT just "like" what I do.

    Thanks so much!

    new to nursing, in NJ
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    Thanks for taking the time out to share you experiences. Many of us can definately relate.