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  1. I've recently switched from being a Mat-child nurse to STD nurse. I'm 6 months into my job, and am experiencing some growing pains. I enjoy my work so far but am having to adapt my nursing style to something more appropriate for this clinic setting.
    Needless to say , respect should be behind any interpersonal relationship-- i've found this area calls for a different approach from what i am used to with both co-workers and with my clients.
    i feel that i am adapting well... but do miss my patients and co-workers at my other job.
    Any tips or experiences you can share about switching workplaces or about STD nursing in general?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! We're glad you're here. I bet that job change would require a significant shift in your style, so I'm not surprised that there are some growing pains involved.

    I think you'll find Allnurses to be a great help whenever you're looking for nursing-related information.
  4. by   suebird3
    welcome to allnurses! i would suggest stopping by the ob-gyn nursing for a start..... good luck!

  5. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    I have no info, but I wanted to say Welcome!