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    I'm having problems with lack of clinical experience because I'm new back into nursing after a 15 year break. I did take an RN refresher class but my first job I lasted 2 monthes. I've been working a day health job for 2 years now but want to go back to hospital nursing. I recently passed my med/surg certification test but don't feel I have the clinical skills. I know if I don't have the right preceptor I will fail. Any suggestions. Thanks
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    one thing, please check out our nursing career advice forum which can be accessed via the link below. read what others have posted already for ideas.

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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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    One thing I forgot to say is I graduated in1972 worked until 1984, then did addictions counseling for 3 years and then did odd jobs until 1990 when I did home care for one year. Long break, then 2002 I took a 6 mo. RN refresher. If you're quick in math you can probably figure I'm 57. My first job after the RN refresher, lasted 2 months, thats when I found out I had ADHD & dyslexia, my present job of 2 years in a day clinic is on the line because of medication errors. I'm like a pharmist in that I sit all day and make medisets, which I don't think is good for an ADHD who has lots of energy. I'm very young for my age. I have no real clinical skill since my RN Refresher so I feel stuck in this job. I would go to RN school again but thats not allowed? I don't want to get a BSN, I have enough problems with school. Any hospitals that offer special preceptorships??

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