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  1. i am a 1st semester student nurse and very excited to become a nurse...if i get to that point....i joined this site because i guess i am trying to get advice on things to do...and hopefully get some input on certain procedures that could help advance me....our teachers dont teach us that well and procedures are taught to us on a computer so the experience and knowing what to do is so far inbetween...i want to become a great nurse but all the knowledge i should know isnt being taught and i need some type of help....right now we are doing ng tubes, wound care, catheters.....please help...i need to know rationales...
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you.

    Post specific questions in the student forums and perhaps someone in the know will help.

    It all comes together in the real world, so try not to stress too much. Welcome to Allnurses!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! Enjoy the forums. Best of luck to you in school.
  5. by   Daytonite
    hi, myladybella!

    here are weblinks i have on information about n/g tubes, wound care and urinary catheters.

    n/g tubes: - here is a link to a list of the steps involved in inserting an n/g tube from lane community college. there is a link on this site of a video of the procedure. - care of the patient with a nasogastric tube written for nurses by a nurse - nice pictorial on the insertion of an n/g tube

    wound care - wound care. includes links to photos on wound staging, how wounds heal, types of dressings and when to use them and how to assess them + some links to more internet information - chronic wound healing. a tutorial that includes definitions, descriptions of wounds, assessment, debridement, cleansing, maintaining a moist environment, supporting the wound surfaces and nutrition. has photographs to help show and explain concepts. by professor rita frantz at the university of iowa college of nursing. - world wide wounds. an online resource for dressing materials
    and practical wound management information. has links at the bottom of the opening page to acute wounds, dressings and bandages, maggot therapy, miscellaneous, veterinary, diabetic feet, infected wounds, leg ulcers and pressure ulcers.

    catheters - basic nursing skills. a page of links into these procedures: measuring intake and output, sterile technique, urinary catheterization, application of heat and cold, enema administration, wound packing, gloving, and vital sign measurements. - includes a number of procedures including urinary catheterization and drawing blood. there are physician procedures here also. - from sweethaven's health care. how to do urinary catheterization both male and female. includes how to irrigate a catheter.

    welcome to allnurses!