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  1. Hi! I'm a first semester RN student. I'm from KY, 34 yo, married with a 7yo boy and a 4yo girl. :kiss

    I'm feeling a little, ok alot, overwhelmed at this time. Fluids and electrolytes are really kicking my butt!! Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the site.
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    Hi Elaina, I too am new to this community about a week old. Stay at home mom since my last employment in 1995. I probably am the last person who can give you any productive advice but I feel like we have something in common, our children, and how much we want to be the best mom for them now and in the future so we do what we do even if the journey is so overwhelming at times. My only suggestion looking into my experience as a student " million years ago" ( I graduated BS in 1975 ) is when I was besieged with a difficult or boring topic whatever it was that disabled me from fully understanding it theorywise as well as in application, I find something around me a concept an idea or perhaps a tangible anything familiar I can associate with and try to connect dots so the boring or difficult topic becomes relevant and connected to me and therefore I get motivated to learn about it. Take fluid and electrolytes, yes the concept is rather confusing in its very detail but think Poweraid and Gatorade why are they the main drink of extreme sports like football. My 13 year old son has been in football for 6 years now. Favorite drink? Gatorade. Or this one,how about finding any family member who takes the so called water pill and try to interview them with their experience and see where the F& E theory comes into play. Get my drift, I hope. It is easier to learn something when you can find some meaning and relevance to it personally. You can use this strategy in almost all of your nursing topics. Bottomline, make it personal.
    I hope I was of some help to you. If not I'm just glad to talk to you.
    I hope I was of some help.
    Friend in HIS name,
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    Hi, I'm a student nurse from Pa. and have all my college credits done but am doing my nursing credit and clinicals. I sometime wonder why I decided to do this. My baby graduates from high school this year. Keep your chin up. Somedays it is worse than others but it will be worth it. Take baby steps. Reember you didn't learn to run before you could walk.
  6. by   crb613
    Fluids & Electrolytes Made Inc. Easy. Not expensive & explains it great.....It sure helped me. Good Luck.
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    HI there and welcome to! Be sure you check out the NURSING STUDENT forums and all the rest we have to offer here at You will likely get a larger and more varied response to your questions there.

    This is the Nursing Student area, for your convenience. I wish you the best of luck in school!

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