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  1. hello Im new but i will get straight to the point. Im 18 yrs old, female, Floridian. I have a Martial Arts scholarship to get a Tae Kwon do 2-year degree in Korea. So thats where I am right now. I love martial arts and i also love kids and was thinking about a nursing degree. I want to get a BSN. but theres just so many sites ive been on and call me stupid but i dont know where to start. I will not come back to Florida until 2 years from now but i want to be prepared and i want to know what to take when i get back ... im not one to waste time. Ok now to the questions:
    ~Can you just go to a college and start your BSN right away or do you have to be an RN first? If not, why does the BSN admissions requirements need classes that I havent taken yet?
    ~Since I will already have a 2-yr degree, how does that count towards my RN or BSN?
    ~Will it even count since its from another country?
    ~How do you specialize in something, if thats what its called?
    ~Do you just pick a departement that you want to work in or something? Dont you have to have special training to work in certain fields? aka neo-natal or pediatrics
    (once again i know these might seem like stupid questions but i just really dont understand)
    What is a CLAST?
    I think that i am most interested in working with my peers (adolescents), and children and infants. I was thinking like a free clinic kind of enviroment, i love helping people less fortunate b/c God has blessed me so many times. I was thinking maybe teenage pregnancy and after birth care (i dont know how thats called) If you could suggest a title of an occupation or something related to my interests that would be great.
    thats it, but if you think you can enlighten me some more feel free. I have a lot of time. Thank you, Aces
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