South Florida Nurses, Contact Me

  1. Hi,
    My Family And I Want To Move To South Florida In Aprox 3 Years. I Am An Operating Room Nurse And Would Like To Hear About Pay Scales And Hospitals. Also Nice Areas To Live.
    I Have 9 Years Or Experience And 3 Years Psych Experience ( Which I Found Helpfull When Dealing With Surgeons ). I Currently Work In A Level One Trauma Hospital. I Specialize In Neurosurgery But Can Do Just About Anything.
    Looking Forward To Hearing From You!
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  3. by   caroladybelle
    Threads on this topic are too numerous to mention.

    Please use search option and enter "florida".

    Be forwarned Florida was the winner of the dubious honor of "Salary Hall of Shame" worst paying state, and has the most bureaucratically difficult BON to deal with. Apply for your license at least 6 monthes in advance of needing it.

    Good Luck will need it.