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  1. Hello all! I'm in my last semester of nursing school - an ADN program. I am also an Information Technology refugee as many of you are. This outsourcing of patients to India is horrible! We need to wake up and fix the very broken political and medical system in this country - the only reason I would consider moving to California is to be part of the California Nurses Association who is the only political group with strength enough to take on these issues.

    On another note - the hospital I am at for clinicals this semester is really scary. Nurses have a patient load of 7 very ill patients, most do not follow contact precautions so the hospital is full of MRSA, VRSA, and C. Diff. My first code blue was watching them successful kill a patient as the defibrillator did not work, the crash cart was not stocked, CPR was a joke, and the nurses and one doctor were arguing about what to do as the patient died. This was a 50 year old woman in for her first dialysis treatment.

    What I see at this hospital is that the only way nurses survive is with a code of silence to the terrible conditions and treatment that patients receive (or don't receive as the case may be). I hope this is not the standard in all hospitals or I have wasted thousands of dollars and years of my life....
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  3. by   Tweety
    Don't be so quick to judge the profession by what you see, or think you see, in clincals.

    It does sound scarey.

    Good luck in making a difference. We can only try.