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  1. Hi all... I am just beginning my nursing career. I have had some experience as personal care aide, home care aide, recreation aide... FINALLY there is no "aide" attached to my name... don't misunderstand me, I am thankful and respectful of all and any type of aide that there is in this world. It was just within me to not be the "whatever"-aide", so just before I turned 40, I decided to head to a local school and become an LPN like my mom.

    So here I am! Now a nurse, working in a long term care facility, so far having a ball loving fellow staff and residents.

    I have 3 sons. The oldest ready to graduate from Highschool this spring, a freshman and a 6th grader. Been married 20 years to my first husband, who is self employed. I needed a more secure, better money making job. Now I have one!

    Nice to meet you all.
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