Signatures + Employee number on medical records.

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    I have a dilemma regarding signing of medical records & med sheets (MARS). In this huge cancer hospital I work in I was just informed by email today that not only are we supposed to sign our full name, title (RN) but now have added our employee number to be added after each and every entry on anything we chart on, i.e., narrative charting, 24 hour chart checks, MARS, PCA's etc., etc., There is not one thing in our own hospital policy to correlate with this new "directive". I plan on contacting the TX BNE and 2 other nursing magazines that I subscribe to, so that I may also get their opinion on this matter. I work the midnight shift and therefore we check the med sheets 2 times per week and in the next month or so we will be going to a daily MARS scenario. If this happens every night that I work, can you just imagine all the extra time this will take???? If anyone else out there in Nursing Land has encountered this could you please let me know???? Also I was wondering about the legal ramifications if I choose NOT to put my employee number next to my name. Thanks.
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    I have not encountered this and never would have thought this would even occur. Did they give you any reasoning behind this other than to correctly identify you? It just seems absurd!!!