Should I purse nursing?

  1. IM am 16 years old and all of the women in my family are nurses. I think it would be a great career to pursue. I want to get my ass. degree and maybe later a bsn. Is it a good field? How about the pay?
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    pay is usually good, work is very hard in many jobs but only you can decide what to make of your life
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    Hi and welcome to allnurses! Good luck to you!
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    Nursing really does have it's ups and downs and should only go into it if it is something you really want to do. Good luck in making your decision
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    Good luck to you. Nursing is a great field!

    Look around your relatives who are nurses, are they rich? The pay is middle income, but a nice middle income for an associates degree, in fact on of the highest paid associates degreed profession. Usually in the 20's per hour.

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    Good luck to you in gathering information on nursing as a career option.
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    I know the same situation - my mom and aunt are both nurses, my mother is a LPN, my aunt a RN. But even though they complain and say that the administration is bad, blah,blah,blah - they both say they love their jobs. My cousin, who got his BA in sociology is going to nursing school in the fall, along with me, so I mean it just really depends what you want out of a job.

    I would suggest job shadowing - job shadowing is how I found out what I want to do. I job shadowed my aunt, who works in the neonatal unit of Loyola Hospital in Maywood, and I fell in love with the pre-mes. Take your time to decide, and see if it's right for you.