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hi!!!!! i'm an lpn from kansas city. i specialize in anticoagulation and :redbeathe it! i'm seeking other nurses or healthcare providers in this same niche area of nursing to compare notes with. ... Read More

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    Where are you from? Would your clinic be interested in prescribing home testing for any of your protime patients? Over 450 patient in Kansas City were trained in June alone!!! The clinic I used to work for shut down all 5 of their protime clinics and have converted almost a 1,000 patients to Home INR Testing. I think it's great. The patients like the fact that they don't have to go to the lab or come to the clinic and fight traffic, poor parking spots, and the waiting game...

    Hope you have a great holiday. Be safe!
    Just wanted to add that I'm a home tester and self doser with the blessings of my Cardiologist. I cannot tell you how much better home testing is for the patient. I'm able to maintain my INR in range about 90% of the time. I test weekly also. Just wanted you to hear from a home tester for anyone thinking it's a bad idea, that it is not.