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  1. Hello! I am new to this site. Let me say a bit about myself. I just received my Master of Science degree in Physics with a specialty in Radiation Oncology Physics. I am having difficulty finding a job. So, since I am interested in going into the medical field, I am considering nursing or possibly even med school.

    That is where this site comes in to help. I am looking for people to discuss things with and ask questions when I have them. I'm 43 years old, so I'm not as young as many of you are. I hope that this profession is a plausible option for me. I'm concerned about getting a good job, enjoying what I do, having a somewhat technical career, and of course, making enough money. I used to teach high school physics for several years. I'm also an EMT-Basic for our fire department. A quiet guy, I am still single and don't have a big circle of friends. Hopefully many things will change for me now in the near future.

    Thanks for reading this. I hope to meet some good friends here.

    Fredonia, PA
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    Hi Mike. Nice to meet you. I hope you find the boards useful. Remember we come here sometimes to vent our concerns and it skews towards the negative side of our profession and education. It's not all bad.

    Also, I removed your email address for your own protection our TOS doesn't allow that. People can use the Private Messaging feature to talk to you and you to them.

    Good luck!