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  1. seasoned nurses Okay no disrespect to nurses that have been in the profession for 20 yrs,but heres my problem: I get report from a nurse(15 yrs LPN) who totally disregards the scope of practice. EX:I get report the other night and our new pt. who doesnt sleep, has a N.O. for Skelaxin. The nurse tells me"her son said not to give it because shes allergic, but her chart says shes only allergic to PCN I gave it anyway!!!" This isnt the first time shes done things like this. Some advice please? :angryfire
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  3. by   Tweety
    Follow the chain of command. If you feel she is a danger to patients you are obligated to report it. Perhaps also keep a personal record. But it really isn't your place to change her or discipline her.

    Probably she isn't going to change. Management doesn't always deal with these kinds of people.