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  1. Hello. My name is Linda. I have been a nurse for 27 years and have worked in a wide variety of nursing specialties. I am currently working as an elementary school nurse in a school which has 300 students. As most school nurses know, we are no longer bandaid nurses and hand holders, even though we still do this. We also teach students, parents, and staff about health issues, give care to chronically ill children, pass medications to children, write up Individualized Health Plans for special ed students and students with physical and mental problems. We do physical assessments, do vision and hearing screenings, and body mass indexes. I even write for grants for health improvements for the students, staff, parents, and the community that live near the school. Every student who enters my office must be logged in on the computer and logged out. It is like a small emergency department, because you do see broken bones, seizures, trauma, head injuries.
    Information entered in the computer is used for monthly statistics. I have found that you can make this job very interesting and of course with children it is a fun job and keeps you young. I am interested in hearing from other school nurses. What issues/ problems do you struggle with and/or how are things going for you at your school? There have been eliminations of school nurse positions in a nearby district. This makes me feel very vulnerable because even though our district is fine at the moment, in the future their could be more budget cuts, and the government has not made education as big of a priority that it needs to be.

    Thank you for letting me introduce myself and tell about my latest nursing specialty.
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    Hi Linda, from sunny Bangkok!
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    Hi Linda. I'm new here myself.

    Your job seems like a challenging, yet very rewarding experience. It takes very special people who are able to work with children. :angel2: