San Diego RN's-I would like to hear from you!

  1. Hello. I am a graduating nursing student and looking to begin my career in San Diego in the next few months. For those of you that work down there, how do you like it? What facility are you at? What are some good points and some of the cons? I really don't know any RN's down there and am looking for some advice from those that have been there. Do you recommend any units and/or facilities? As well, how it it living down there, nieghborhood wise? I'm pretty well aware of the living costs down there, but would really like to know what are the good places to live and what are the rough, bad places to live. Any information you have on living and working in San Diego County would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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    San Diego is an amazing place to live. I can't comment on the nursing aspect, as I'm not even a nursing student yet, but would be happy to chat with you about the neighborhoods, great places to eat, etc. PM me!

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    Hi Kensington> I am a psych. Nurse and I livein San Diego. I have worked at many places here. Currently, I work for San Diego County Mental Health and soon wil be transfering to Aging and Independent Services on the Senior Team. What kind of Nursing do you want to do???