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  1. I don't remember if I ever came in here to introduce myself or not! Anyway, here goes; I was born on this day in May, 38 years ago....Okay, that's going a little TOO far back! I live in Spokane, Wa with my very long-term, committed live-together boyfriend since 1993 with our two dogs and one cat. I have been in the caregiving business since 1995 and I guess you can say that nursing/caregiving runs in my family; my mother was an LPN and before her, my great-aunt Mary was an RN and was there to help deliver me as a newborn! I worked in my mother's own Adult Family Home where I cared for my boyfriend's paternal grandmother during the final stages of Alzheimer's Disease. We did not realize it was his grandmother until his father came to visit his mother and I put two and two together, as they say. After my mother retired early due to her back problems, (she fell off of a cliff in the late 80s and broke her back and leg so they always give her trouble due to the rods in them both), I went on to work as an individual provider for a few different Adult Family Homes and privately for people's loved ones in their homes. One AFH just needed me as respite care so that the owner of the AFH wanted to go on a much-needed week-long vacation. And I guess they liked my work because I was hired back periodically whenever the owner was feeling burned out. I don't know why but she had no caregivers at the time, just herself and me whenever she called. After that I worked for a few different home care agencies and my younger brother passed away about four years ago or so. He was mentally ill and he committed suicide then my health took a turn for the worse due to grief, a bout of kidney stones that kept re-turning and then I somehow ended up with a hole in my colon and got a bad infection that felt like the most horrible flu ever and had to spend two weeks in the hospital. After several years to get well again and deal with the loss in my family I finally came to a point in my life where I'm able and ready and excited about getting back into the workforce. But, I remember well the warning signs of burn out and know my own body much better now in my "old age" and so I refuse to take a full-time job. three days a week is the max I will work unless it's for something special like a co-worker got sick or called in to court, etc. I got this really nice job working at an Adult Family Home almost as soon as I got all my classes done and my NAR license renewed! They needed a caregiver badly and the owner is seven years younger than me and we just cliched on first meeting as we'd both been raised in the atmosphere with family owned Adult Family Homes and helping to take care of folks as teens since you're already living there anyway, etc. Anyway, I now stay the night at work on Friday night and start my first shift on Saturday morning. I work from then to 2pm and that counts as one shift, then my second shift starts right away and goes til 8pm after which I am off duty and can go to bed, but I'm still "on call" in case an alarm goes off that I wake up to answer. Then on Sunday I work the same two shifts as Saturday and stay one more night and I get to go home on Monday morning normally. Today I worked a morning shift for my resident manager so she would come in and work my Sunday evening and do my sleepover tonight so that I could have my birthday afternoon and night off! Then it's back to work five (and a half counting today!), days later! My long-term career goal to to eventually become an LPN like my mother. ^_^
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