RN to MSN student w research needs

  1. hi,
    i just found this site as i was researching a topic for a paper for school. this looks great. i could use some help from you out there. i am researching how many nursing schools have hospice or palliative care instruction in the curriculum now. how long was the course if you had one and what did it cover. did you have clinicals with one?
    the other topic im researching is the response by nurses to patients with pain. pain management is another area i will be writing on.
    yes, im a hospice nurse and ive just started back to school to go from my diploma rn to msn in nusring education and im thinking there is an area for hospice, although it has been 20 years since i was in school.
    any help you wonderful people can give is appreciated.
    hope you are having a safe and wonderful labor day weekend!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Be sure to check out the specialty forums. There is also a forum for research projects.
  4. by   teach_hospiceRN
    Thanks for that tip!