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  1. i'm 28 years old and am just now trying to apply to nursing school. i have a b.s. in psych but it doesn't seem to help much. i still have lots of pre reqs and mc requires a cna to apply. i can't even apply until may '08 and if i get in i'll start the program in sept. i am so discouraged! i feel like this is going to take forever! should i get an lvn first and go to work while working on an rn or just stick it out. i really need to be working. i also thought about applying to some other nursing schools around here in case i don't get in - maybe like in odessa or big spring. i could kick myself for waiting so long to apply. i've been out of college since 2000. i didn't realize the process took so long. any advise?
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    If it's quicker to get your LPN, then I would do that because you can get into an LPN to RN program. Sometimes LPN jobs in hospitals are hard to find, but in nursing homes and long-term care, there are more job opportunities. Good luck!