RN in St. Louis at St. John's Mercy Med. Center

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    I've been an RN at St. John's for over 10 years. I've worked in various departments and now my back is hurting. I have 2 great kids and a wonderful hubby. Also, have 4 dogs, a parrot who says just about everything, and a 75 gallon saltwater aquarium.
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    I was supposed to take a travel nurse contract at St. John's back in October, but heard through the media that a nurses strike was brewing. I told my travel nurse agent that I did not wish to be a "SCAB", so chose not to accept the assignment.

    I have a great deal of respect for nurses who seek to change nursing for the better, and achieve better benefits for themselves IN SPITE OF what others may think of them for doing it. Hats off to all the nurses at St. Johns for doing something many nurses in the USA are afraid to do. :hatparty:
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    Yes, St. John's is striking right now with no negociations planned. A lot of the travel nurses are from a Colorado based firm. I am in turmoil on how I feel about this strike. I want to be taking care of my patients, not walking a picket line. I will not cross the picket line - just yet! Everyone works to take care of their families and I am one who can not stay off indefinately. I feel most will eventually go back. The hospital definately has more money to wait us out. I have heard that the only areas really effected by the walk out is the CCU, Labor and delivery, and some surgeries. plus the ER. I also heard they lost their trauma level status down to a II, state came in and inspected
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    :Santa1:I respect those healthcare providers who must continue working due to their own financial situations. I also respect those who are in a position to make a statement and take a stand against the unsafe patient/nurse ratios, low wages, and lousy benefits, too. I hope change does occur there. If it does, perhaps wages and benefits in Missouri and other midwestern states will greatly improve because from what I know of the wages and conditions nurses work for in those parts, change is long past due.
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    Sorry to hear about your back. Best wishes to you.