1. Hello everyone! Hope to get to exchange information and ideas with many of you. My name is Steven, living in Indiana but moving to Florida within the year. I received my RN in '93 and began to work as an ICU nurse. After about 2 years, I got an opportunity to work in entertainment. Chose to do that, now want to get back into nursing. My wife has been an RN for 12 years. I was wandering if anyone had any suggestions on how I might go about getting started. Some have said get hired first and learn on the job. I think I need to maybe take a nurse refresher course. Some have said I should go online and get cd-roms like: Clinical Simulations in Medical-Surgical Nursing- and study them. If anyone has any suggestions, I could really use the advice....THANKS!
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    perhaps you should check some of the area hospitals, some offer rn refresher courses. i would call the hospitals nurse recruitment person, and ask what kind of rn refresher programs they have. almost everyone is so desperate for rn's, i'm sure that they must some kind of program to get you back on the unit.
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    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
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    check out our nursing career advice forum which can be accessed from the link below.
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