Registration in USA Help !!!

  1. I am a RN from South Africa, was promised registration in USA and NCLEX exams December 2003, but could not be helped at all, after moving here.Found out from CGFNS,lack psychiatry training in my diploma, and need help with an agency maybe ???? to try to get registered and working a.s.a.p.
    Anybody have same problem ?????
    HELP !!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You will need to cpmplete the psychiatric course in an approved school of nursing or you will not be able to get a license to work in the US. You also need to go through Visa Screen and get evaluated by CGFNS or no green card will be issued and this is the only way that you can work as a Registered Nurse. No state Board of Nursing will approve of your educational credentials to sit for NCLEX without the Psych part.

    Sorry, but there is no way for you to legally work in the medical field in the US without the above. All areas require the Visa Screen Certificate.

    Let this be a warning for all of you, there is no easy or fast way around these exams. You must have them completed. Before accpeting a position with anyone, do your own research and find out what is needed and save yourself the stress.