Reemerging after RN school, just want to say hey!

  1. (And to see the credentials behind my name now! )

    I've always noticed that many members fall off the forum once school hits. I didn't think it'd happen to me, but whelp-- it did! I only ever had time to do quick searches if I had a question and read up on what others already asked.

    But now I'm done! I graduated and passed my NCLEX a little over a month ago! I'm working on a good med-surg floor nights (each RN has their own tech even on nights) and I'm very happy to have achieved a goal I've been striving for for years!
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  3. by   pcosby
    Seems like a dark hole -- that nursing school!! I can relate. Congrats on passing NCLEX. Having your own tech sounds like a dream! Keep working hard, and strive for that BSN. Most facilities will pay for that, and it should not take you very long. Love those letters behind your name! Congratulations on your hard work again.