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  1. Hello everyone?? Am so excited about this website. I have finally decided to follow my dream of becoming a nurse...Am 30 years old and have been a stay home mum for over 6 years. Now my kids are all grown up so am off to study nursing...ohhh that feels nice just saying it This website has given me a good kick start...Thank you everybody!!!!!
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    Am 30 years old and i have been a stay home mum for over six years looking after my three little girls.
    I have always admired nurses and felt like they are the bravest people i have ever known.
    I realised i wanted to be a nurse on days i would go to visit people in hospitals and never wanted to leave. I would visit all kinds of relatives and friends and ask them how they were feeling. Whenever nurses stopped me from going further into like the theater/ operating room ..i would go out furious with myself and keep saying to myself that i have to be nurse one day.

    Thanks to this website am off to get started on becoming a nurse. I know it is my calling and i feel it will fulfill me when i start working
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    Hi. I found these two posts, which seemed to be introductions buried in other people's posts and thought you meant to post them as an introduction.