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  1. Hi, I'm taking my prereqs so I can get into an accelerated BSN program. I'm hoping to get As in all my courses, however, I'm a little worried- I had problems in college and my GPA is 3.01- got some Cs and one Ds and one F (which I made up to a C). It wasn't that I couldn't do the work, however, I just experimented a little too much an didn't really care at the time, only to graduate.

    I am hoping that my solid leadership and volunteer experiences since college will be my saving grace. However, I am aware that I'm competing with 3.5 gpas.

    I'm trying to get A's in my prereqs, so I can prove that I am capable of handling the rigorous load. i am so dedicated right now and I have been very stable since I am over my "rebel/ experiment/ party" phase.

    any advice!

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  3. by   jaymee77
    Kahsa i was in the same boat when i went back to complete pre reqs for a similar program, depending on what you have that can or will transfer, the nursing faculty (at least at my school) look straight at your pre-req grades rather than past college experience. My biggest advice is don't save all the sciences untill the end! take them one at a time and try to keep the light stuff evened out. i thought the sciences were the hardest to get accostomed to...who knew about reasoning and critical thinking??? haha but try to keep things balanced and make this program your FIRST priority, you'll do great!

  4. by   kasha78
    Thanks Jaymee,

    I was getting a little worried. I just don't want to take all my prereqs and then not get in. That's like a year of wasted school. I heard there are major waiting lists.

    I'm taking microbiology now and I'm loving it, then wo sem of a+p, nutrition and developmental psychology. that should complete my pre-reqs. I have 2 sem. biology, and 2 sem. chemistry (from my pre-med track freshmen year.) I received Cs in bio and chem- 16 credits worth. But I do have statistics and sociology (from my soc major (which I received Bs in).

    What was your GPA (if I might ask)? What kind of experience is nursing school looking for? Did you get any clinical experience prior to applying? What influenced your choice to go back and get your BSN?

  5. by   jaymee77
    Woo micro is awesome! i really enjoyed it, but even more i enjoyed A&P is yours a 2 qtr combined class? most people tell me i should have went pre med, but i spent about 6 years doing party travel things and i could have cared less about college then, and then i realized that i just wasn't cut out to sit on my arse all day and rip people off (sales). so i decided to go back to school and go into advanced practice nursing, thats like a short cut to being the doc in charrge hahah

    clinical experience? i took an NAC class and worked in LTC for a summer but not a lot, the first quarter of clinicals was a little frightnening...hope you don't have a fear of needles hahaha we had to do everything on each other (supervised) before on patients...okay with the exception of anal med passes and enemas etc...but you really gain a sense of empathy for others that way and you'll develop a reeal closeness with your classmates...we have 53 and we are VERY close
  6. by   kasha78
    thanks. I am not afraid of needles or blood. I'm not looking forward to pee and puke (but I can handle those)- poop and using enemas sort of freaks me out, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. (I just hope I don't get really sick during clinicals).

    My dad (a podiatrist) used to show me surgeries on tv and showed me medical photos growing up. i was always fascinated- never nauseated. My mom also works in a hospital-she's a HUC.

    I was pre-med frehmen year, and then...well the rest is history.

    so, here I am again, pursuing my love for the healthcare field. right now, i work in non-profit, which is great, (i coordinate fundraising events) it's a lot of fun, but i don't feel challenged enough and most of the day, i'm stuck behind a desk. I hear nurses complain about standing on their feet all day- if only I could be running around, instead of sitting on my butt. I love working with people and I enjoy my job- but my true passion is hands-on healthcare.

    sometimes, i think I am crazy, wondering if I should maybe become a genetic counselor instead and go straight for my Master's degree and be done before I even get m second BSN. But, I know getting my BSN will give me the freedom and flexibility to do so much more. and of course, I will go for my ARNP. I could do genetic counseling (if i choose later in life) or peds, oncology, NICU, psychiatry. There's so many options. Although I love genetics, I want to have that flexibility and ability to go into other areas that i enjoy and rotate throughout the years, learning so many different areas.

    as for my classes, The A+P classes are either combined or separate. I have the choice. I'm planning on doing two semesters of combined. what do you think? I'm taking one class a semester, so i don't overload. So far, the micro class is a condensed summer (so it's intense, but still fun).

    Anyways, thanks for all your help!
  7. by   jaymee77
    i wasn't totally afraid before either, before i started, but i have to admit the first time i poked a real person i was kinda freaked out...anyhow it gets easier real fast haha the first rectal supp i did was for a cancer patient on comfort care and she wasn't able to take pills and i was giving her morphine for pain, it was really scary but i was comforted by the fact that she really needed it. she was resting peaceful later and that feeling of having done something to help her was AMAZING.
    the only thing i have to say that still grosses me out is a respiratory suction (gag) it is the one thing that i don't know if i'll ever get used to, you kinda have to stand behind the person so they can't see you gagging lol
    i totally agree about the off the butt thing if i'm destinined for huge ankles....well i'll cross that bridge when i come to it.

    i totally reccomend the combined A&P because its easier to put the phys in perspective if you know where and what you're talking about!!!! its way funner at least as far as i have heard.

    good luck this summer!!
    hope you still get time to post!