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  1. Hi everybody....glad to join this group..I'm salver, married, no kids yet and hoping to get into the LPN program this Fall..just finished taking the entrance test and a bit nervous if I made it (score-74.7%) a 4.0 GPA for my prereqs..can anyone tell me my chances of getting in?...any tips for the interview, in case I made it?...thanks a lot guys for your help...i need people like you at this point...I desperately need to pass...not getting any younger!
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    Good Luck w/ getting in. I start LPN program in Sept, lucky me the school I'm going to takes on first come first serve w/ passing entrance scores, HS transcript, application and $50. Keep us posted on your progress. PS - I'm in my 2nd career also...married, mortgage and dog (no kids either). There's a lot of us here.
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