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  1. hi im just new here. im a registered nurse from philippines. anyways, i applied to ca bon for nclex exam and after waiting for 3 months i receive a letter from them stating that..

    > An initial evaluation of your application for examination indicates the following items marked with X are required to complete your file OR indicates information pertaining to your file.

    Does it mean i still lack the following documents marked with X or that documents are the ones they have on file? please can somebody help me. Im so confused. I would really appreciate your help. pls???

    thanks ..
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  3. by   nurseangel47
    I don't know how to help with that one. sounds like they need the ones marked with an x to complete your file for application....
  4. by   casseyrn
    to nurseangel47

    thanks for your reply. I called Ca BON and ask about that and you are right they need the ones with X. Unfortunately they havent receive the documents. The school already send the documents twice yet i dont know where my documents are. When I track down the airwaybill of the courier it was delivered to the receptionist of the BON
  5. by   Tweety
    Good luck

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