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  1. My name is Liz, I am 23 years old. I am from Houston, Texas. I graduated hight school in 2000. I went straight to the university of houston and messed up. I joined the wrong crowd, the was so lonely. It was just terrible. I dropped my GPA got suspened. I am so dumb. I regret it so bad. I want to become an RN. I am now at San jacinto College, jus takinga few basics. They have a program for an assoc. in nursing. But i want a Bach. Where can I ho that I can start a new slate. i want to persue this with all my heart but I am been told that my record will scar be and I will never become a nurse. Any advice? Please help, I am so sad to hear that. I am so stressed too. Is there somewhere I can go that does not require that much, or what can I do? I will need fiancial help too? Advive. I need you support.:angel2: Liz
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    Hello Liz! I am from philippines! Just want to say that everything starts with perseverance and vocation, I know your struggling now and has a lot of plans, I suggests you talk to 1 of your professors, parents or make a plan options, I know you can succeed in the nursing field and there are some solutions which you can have, or achieve.Choose groups/friends which will help you and encourage you in your studies and not to push you in bad situations..prioritize your needs academics and try to figure out the next step..I'll pray for you, good luck and godbless!!
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    good feedback, rhenmag9. thanks for supporting member. i see you are new yourself.

    lissie82, i echo much of what she said to you. please check out our pre-nursing forum which can be accessed via the link below. we all make mistakes, but we also move forward. keep looking straight ahead. i wish you the best.

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  5. by   Daytonite
    hi, liz! if there were no classes for you to salvage for transfer from your first college experience i would just start all over at a new college. i'm not advising you that it's right, but i don't report one college i attended on all my other college applications and my resumes. i've never had any consequences of doing that, however, i have read on the forums here that some people were "found out" by their current colleges and there were consequences. how that can happen i do not know. there is no organization that i know of that keeps track of everyone's college attendance. it will be a personal decision for you to make. most colleges, however, usually want you to list the previous colleges you have attended and then they want you to have a transcript sent to them from there. there are a good number of schools that are forgiving about a student's first attempts at a college education. many places recognize that with maturity comes a wisdom and honing of a desire to correct past failures. here are a couple of links for you to explore. - this is information about becoming licensed as a nurse in texas. - here is the list of rn schools in your state broken down by the types of degrees offered. the bsn programs appear more toward the lower part of the list.

    you have to contact the schools individually to get specific information about their admission policies and their nursing programs. the place to start in most schools is to speak with an admissions counselor and then with a counselor in the nursing program. you should also contact the financial aid office of each school you are interested in to get information on help with tuition. i could not find any information on the texas board of nursing site regarding nursing scholarships or loans. you might try doing an internet search for these, particularly looking for local hospitals or state nursing associations that might be offering scholarships. just so you know, a scholarship doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be an "a" student. it is sometimes just a term used when an organization has money to give to prospective students, so don't be intimidated by the word itself. many local organizations where you live may give out scholarship money and you only have to fill out an application for it.

    the students hang out in the nursing student forums. you should check out the pre-nursing student forum. i believe there is a sticky thread there on financial aid you might want to read if you haven't already.

    good luck to you.
  6. by   Jessy_RN
    [font=impact][color=#00bfff] welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and best wishes to you!
  7. by   Rep
    Hello and good luck!

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