Please help!!!!!!

  1. :uhoh21: Hi, I just recently joined (about 30 minutes ago). This is a wonderful site to have for all those in the medical field. I have so many questions. Just recently I decided to get a career going in the medical industry so I started school to become a surgical technologist. I plan on going back to school and becomming an RN, but this was a way for me to get started. I am now about to finish school and honestly don't have a clue what to expect in the real world. I am scarred to death. Will someone please help me out and help me prepare myself better for "the real world."
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi! Welcome!

    What are you scared of? What's the worse thing you can think of that is causing you the most anxiety.

    Fear of the unknown is just lack of faith in yourself. Plus, it's worrying about things that haven't happened. The time is now, so relax. You've lived in the real world all this time, the real world of nursing isn't going to break you.
  4. by   live4today
    welcome pmorrison!

    i totally agree with tweety! relax, and in time you'll feel confident in your newfound career.
  5. by   jnette
    Hi there ! And welcome to Allnurses !

    Take some time reading the various forums and threads here... you'll begin to get a feel for things... kinda helps get your feet wet.

    One step at a time... wish you the best !
  6. by   pmorrison
    Thankyou, to all whom wrote me back. I will work on chilling out. I guess my biggest fear is fear of the unknown. I have heard many horror stories of surgeaons with no patience with the ST. I really want to make a good impression with the hospital where I do my extership at, what would be some good tips from those with experience to help me out. I am hoping to land a job at the hospital where I do my externship. Thanks so much, I don't know anyone working in a hospital as of now, so this chat line is a huge help for me.
  7. by   Renee' Y-Y
    The biggest impression you can make is to get in there & bust your tail. Be eager to learn, ask lots of questions, & always ask to do shows personal initiative and drive. DO NOT SIT IN THE BREAK ROOM & EXPECT PEOPLE TO SEARCH YOU OUT FOR EXPERIENCE!
  8. by   purplemania
    Fear of the unknown is common in this industry because our patients depend on us. One of the worst things you can do is pretend you know more than you do. It is more mature and responsible to say "I have never done that. Please show me how". I started out as tech. Some MDs are demi-gods in the surgical theater, but then some people at Walmart give me that impression too. People are people.
  9. by   nekhismom
    welcome. Work on conquering your fear. We are here to help you in any way we can. Look forward to hearing from you in the future.