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  1. Hello ,My name is Dan I have recently enrolled in a program called PCT, however Iwanted the Medical assistant training and was informed that PCT is more training and more skills are learned. however doing a job search here i discovered I was either misinformed or the title PCT varies greatly from one state to another. I am in a one year accelerated program. Does one state to the next have differeent definitions for job titles?? PLEASE any input in this matter would be appreicated. just an anxious student who has been working for 30some years.
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    I don't know really. We have PCT's...Patient Care Techs...they are CNA's. But, they definitely don't go to school for a year. So I am really not sure. Any one else know??????????
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    hello dan,

    did some searching online. hope this helps you.

    in my opinion, it is for the most part the same training (6-12 weeks). i think the names depend on where we work. we are known by many names: nurses aides, nursing assistant, certified na, patient care technician, home health aides and more.

    here are some webpage that you might find of interest -

    page wise - certified nursing assistants
    --- what is a certified nursing assistant? what are the qualifications for the job, and what does the training consist of? are you cut out for the job?

    page wise - what do certified nursing assistants do?
    --- job responsibilities

    typical day shift workday schedule of nursing assistants in a nursing home -

    u.s. department of labor, occupational outlook handbook -
    --- nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides

    u.s. department of labor, occupational outlook handbook -
    --- personal and home care aides

    forum topic - discussion about na, cna, pca, pct, stna, and more ...

    just thought i'd add this one
    u.s. department of labor, occupational outlook handbook -
    --- medical assistant

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