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  1. Hi all,

    I thought I'd introduce myself. I am new to Nursing and new to this web forum. I think it's a great web forum to talk to fellow nurses.
    Originally I did study to become a nurse 15+ years ago but switched my major to Visual communication.

    My recent sudden illness (H1N1+ARDS) changed my views and made me appreciate nurses much more. While I stayed in hospital (2 months in ICU in coma) and then in St.Vincent's Seaton Rehabilitation Hospital, I've met good and bad nurses. Mostly good. Two nurses especially will be remembered by me and I thank GOD for them for being there at that time. Their professionalism and their genuine care made me think twice about my career choice and now I decided to go back to school and earn my AS degree in Nursing aka becoming RN nurse.

    I would love to apply myself to studying and to help people when they need help the most. I hope I'll be as good as those two nurses who attended to me while I was waking up from coma and who spoon fed me with crashed ice and were just there for me when times were tough for me.

    I think nursing is a ver appreciative profession. Not only it's always in demand but being able to help people when you can is a huge reward (at least for me).

    Thanks all.
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