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  1. I've been an R.N. for 12 years and currently work in ob. I rotate btwn L&D, scn & post partum. I think the field of nursing can certainly be challenging (to say the least) but there are many rewards.....not necessarily monetary!)....I worked in real estate for many years before going into nursing...I am always amazed at how the world of health care wrks.....nothing like the "outside world"...many managers have never had any experience managing "human resources" and can be very unprofessional. The demands on nurses can be severe....physically, emotionally etc...etc.....I have all the same concerns I see many of you posting.....nursing shortage....too much put on nurses...nurses exhausted & burned out.......I try to be optimistic about our future...but sometimes its hard.....I love this forum for talking to others in the field....and hearing about all your expeiences. (in my personal life...i'm married with 2 kids....23 & 17 years old.....and 3 dogs round out my family....I looooove my dogs and they keep me sane sometimes...I have 2 cavalier king charles spaniels and 1 sheltie.....I dont really know how others introduce themselves...I hope this is o.k.......
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    nice to meet you. i see you've been a member for awhile but this is your first post. i also have 2 children and 2 shelties. aren't shelties wonderful dogs. i hope to hear more from you.....and enjoy posting!!!
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    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I hope you participate in the various forms as often as you kind, you have a lot to offer us.